Seasonal Activities

Northern Wisconsin By Season

When is the best time to visit the Wisconsin North Woods? There are year-round activities to enjoy, and each month is exceptional in it’s own way. Here’s what you can expect when you visit:


52ºF Average High Temperature

Always brings new life to the north woods, with much of our wildlife busy caring for their new offspring. Spotted fawns, a small bear cub, and baby loons are common sites.  The walleye run is something not to be missed, and the fishing cribs are plentiful now—you just have to find them!


78ºF Average High Temperature

Brings all kinds of activities to life and generally pertains to water, woods, and wildlife.  The kids are probably swimming out at the raft, while the fishing enthusiasts are out catching dinner.  Some may be relaxing and reading a book on a swing.  Others kayaking, canoeing, hiking or biking. Family and friends gather around their campfire at night enjoying private and special time together.  Enjoy doing absolutely nothing or taking in all the sites: the possibilities are endless!


54ºF Average High Temperature

Fall in the north woods is incredible.  The air is especially crisp and clean now, the colors are absolutely majestic and so vibrant, the loons are crying and the eagles looming.  The birds, deer, bear and squirrels are all preparing for the cold winter ahead.  Hunting season approaches with thousands of acres to cover…yes, it is pretty special up here.


21ºF Average High Temperature

Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, down hill skiing are some of the adventures people can enjoy in the winter. Snow is almost always present from December-April, with plenty for all of the winter activities. Located right on the snowmobile trails. Snow reports available on the Mercer Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce website.