Resort  Info & Policies

Rates & Fees

  • $200 deposit per week required (balance due upon arrival)
  • $50 Pet fee (prior approval required)
  • Taxes: 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax and 4.5% Mercer room tax added to all rates

Resort Information

Nearby lake, river, other body of water
The property is on beautiful Lake of the Falls. You are only feet from the water’s edge. The beach is sand, and swimming is allowed. Please do not dive or jump off the docks, Water levels vary, and you will be diving or jumping and swimming at your own risk. Please wear water shoes.

Climbing or play structure on the property.
Swing set on property. Docks have stairs to the water.

Potentially dangerous animal
This is the northern woods of Wisconsin. There are plenty of wild animals around. Most wild animals are afraid of humans, but still use caution when seeing wild animals. Don't approach wild animals, watch from a distance.

Most buildings have stairs to enter the building and the Lake House has 3 levels which require stair climbing. 

Pets on Property
Guests are allowed to bring well behaved dogs on the property. They must be leashed when outdoors and crated in the cabins and house when owners not in attendance.

Shared Spaces
This cabin is part of a larger resort in which common property exists. The game room, fish house, shoreline, docks, and grounds on the property are shared. The game room has table tennis and games that are shared amongst all guests. There are kayaks, canoe, row boats, paddle boards, paddle boat and life vests that are also shared.  Guests, please do not monopolize the shared areas and items.

Internet / WiFi
WIFI Information is located on the cover of the binder located in your cabin.

Property Rules

  1. In consideration of access and use of the available amenities on the grounds including but not limited to, steps, deck, paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, life vests stove, fire pits, grills for use in any stay: The guests fully understand the risks and dangers associated with the facilities, equipment and/or activities that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. By execution of this Agreement, Guest waives, releases, and agrees not to sue and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless owner from any claims, actions, court costs, expenses, damages, or liabilities, including attorney fees for personal injury, property damage, accidents, illnesses, or death to themselves or any of their guests.
  2. Individual property owners do not accept any liability for loss of or damage to any valuables or property belonging to guest or their visitors. It is the sole responsibility of Guest to plan for sufficient and appropriate insurance coverage on all valuable items prior to arrival.
  3. No parties, formal gatherings or non-preapproved guests allowed.
  4. Parking is in designated areas only. No parking is allowed on the public roads.
  5. Use of all motorized vehicles (including ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles) must stay out of areas that are marked/flagged as no entry.
  6. No smoking permitted indoors of any building on the property. Smoking is permitted outdoors on property if every consideration for fire safety and cigarette disposal is used. Use caution with smoking materials, dousing with water-ensuring extinguished and disposed in non-flammable containers.
  7. The following are not permitted to be used at Musky Point Condominiums, LLC within the cabins or on the property
    • Gun shooting, guns must be property stored and secure during stay
    • Fireworks
    • Loud music
    • Illegal drugs or alcohol consumption by minors
    • Children under age 18 without parental or guardian supervision
    • Dogs without an owner in attendance. Dogs must be leashed and managed when outside of cabin/house.  Avoid dog contact with other guests and other dogs on the property.
    • Dogs free within cabins/house. Dogs must be in crates when the owner is not in immediate attendance.
  1. Guests will depart on the last day of the contract. Otherwise, Guest agrees to having the doors rekeyed and their belongings donated to a local charity.
    • Guests are responsible for managing the fire in the pits.
    • Reasonable fires—no large fires
    • High fire danger—no fires allowed.
    • Fires must have someone in attendance when active.
    • Fires must be thoroughly extinguished—cold to touch before considered extinguished.
  1. Wi-Fi and Satellite television is available for guests. Do not manipulate the Wi-Fi or satellite system to watch unauthorized programs. Musky Point Condominiums, LLC will lose their Direct TV access for all guests and guest will be liable for the cost of reestablishing satellite television access.
  2. There are snakes, spiders, ants, deer, foxes, wolves, coyotes, skunks, ground hogs, bears, geese, otters, ducks, turtles (snapping and others) and other wild animals within the area. Insects are within the region and can be very active during the summer. Do not feed the wildlife. Avoid approaching or handling wild animals.   It is important to protect yourself to avoid bites or injuries.  Use of insect spray is recommended as well as protective clothing. Guests shall conduct themselves in a safe manner, wearing appropriate clothing and shoes and staying away from wild animals.
  3. Dog litter must be picked up and disposed of in the dumpster.
  4. Please wear water shoes when walking in the lake. There are shells and stones in the lake, which have sharp edges.
  5. Guests are responsible for routine light cleaning such as washing dishes and placing garbage in the outside trash container. No Daily Housekeeping service will be provided.
  6. Recycling is highly encouraged.  Each cabin contains a recycle container.  Please place clean cans, plastic, cardboard, paper into the container and dump the container in the designated recycle containers next to the dumpster when you depart.  Dispose of plastic bags in the trash—not considered recyclable.

Checkout Information

  • Gather used towels.
  • Place used towels in shower on departure.
  • Turn things off.
  • Turn down heat in cooler seasons to 62 degrees. Turn air conditioner off.
  • Return keys.
  • Place keys on the dining table at departure. Lock doors, close and lock windows.
  • Additional requests
  • Ensure garbage is disposed in dumpster by green shed. Recycle containers are next to dumpster, please dispose of recyclables in those containers. Upon check-out, please leave clean dishes. Remove any food from kitchen area. Use single-ply toilet paper Do not throw anything other than toilet paper into the toilet including tampons, sanitary pads, adult or child disposable wipes

Address & Parking


4946 Musky Point Rd, Mercer, WI 54547, USA


Follow GPS-4946N Musky Point Road. Periodically the GPS will stop about 0.1 mile from the entrance-at Gregg Road. Keep going around 2 curves. You will see a sign for Musky Point Resort on the right. Turn in and follow the driveway to 2 sheds (green on right and brown on left). Turn left into the circle driveway


Lake House: Park next to split rail fence. Leave room for others to pass your vehicles on the left. 

Cabin 1: Park in front of the game room which is the first building when entering the circle driveway on the right. 

Cabin 2: Park to the left of the garage and to the right of the propane tank. 

Cabin 3:  Park in front of cabin 3. 

Cabin 4.  Park next to the woodshed.